Reynolds Plastic Surgery Breast Enhancement Procedures

breast augmentation vs. breast liftIf you are researching breast enhancement today, chances are that you’ve had at least a mild curiosity for several years. If you’ve moved into the shopping-your-options stage, you’re probably finding that there is a big list of details to consider. We’ve designed these pages to answer the common questions that we have experienced in the last twenty years of our practice. First and foremost, it is important to us that you are aware of your options and that you have the information you need to communicate your needs and desires to the plastic surgeon of your choice.

At Reynolds Plastic Surgery, it is a fundamental belief that the success of your procedure hinges on thorough communication during the initial consultation for your desired procedure. Our success rate can be greatly attributed to the extra time we spend listening to you before anything else happens. We understand that your procedure is a serious investment of your time and we believe that you deserve nothing less than an extremely thorough presentation of all options, facts, and advice.

There are several other benefits to be realized through plastic surgical procedures including correction of uneven breast sizes, correction of aging effects and postpartum involution (sagging), and to reach a desired size, shape or projection of your breasts.

Breast Augmentation refers to the surgical insertion of an artificial implant to augment the size, shape, or projection of a breast figure.

Inverted nipple correction involves surgically correcting structures that contribute to nipple inversion.

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