Inverted Nipples

One of the most common requests of a plastic surgeon is to correct inverted nipples. The procedure is usually an office procedure but at times it can also be done in an operating room along with other cosmetic procedures. If you are interested in performing this procedure alongside of another procedure we offer, please mention that in our form when you schedule your consultation. We will discuss whether that is a possibility or not at that time.

To correct an inverted nipple, one needs to understand the cause of the inversion. Usually, there are structures below the nipple skin which is tethering the nipple skin to its inverted position. These structures are often divided and sutures are placed to maintain the nipple in the normal position. No case of inverted nipples is exactly the same, but after an initial consultation Dr. Reynolds will explain what the cause is and the procedure that will have to be completed in order to return the nipple to an outward position.