Innovative Skincare has been developing superior quality, clinically proven skincare products for more than a decade in their iS Clinical skincare line of products. Reynolds Plastic Surgery is proud to carry their clinical line of products which are used professionally world-wide. Their cleansers, serums, moisturizers and complexes to address skin care needs for all skin types. Their products use pharmaceutical grade, botanically based elements and the latest scientific ingredients that deliver dramatic results while remaining gentle and free of harmful parabens.

What makes Innovative Skincare different?

Innovative Skincare is committed to improving skin quality for the long-term. The serums brighten, hydrate and smooth your skin while stimulating collagen production. Each serum and complex is uniquely formulated to address a specific need. Their products meet a variety of skin needs from wrinkle reduction and anti-aging to acne and uneven complexion.

The iS Clinical products are designed to restore and rejuvenate damaged skin instead of drying it out with harsh chemicals. The use of hyaluronic acid in serums binds with the water already in your skin, to create more supple, tighter and smoother skin.

Reynolds Plastic Surgery is honored to be an IS Clinical retailer for the Springfield area. Stop by our office to get recommendations for your personalized skincare routine, and sign up below for your free sample package! Click one of the products below for more information.


active serum Cleaning Complex Moisturizing Complex
Youth Serum Youth Complex Youth Eye Complex
Super Serum Advance+ Pro-Heal Serum Advance+ White Lightening