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December 3, 2014
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June 22, 2015
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Wound Care One – A Layered Defense

A major step of basic wound care is the application of dressings. The best analogy for use in dressings is found in our military.

The Navy is called the Layered defense of the carrier battle group. The aircraft carrier leads the carrier battle group, the carrier is protected in layers. If an enemy wants to sink the carrier, then they will have to deal with various layers of the defense. In this day someone launches land based aircraft against the carrier, the first layer of defense would probably be the fighter jets off the carrier. If the land-based fighters survive the naval aviators, then they would have to get through the cruisers and the frigates and the closened weapon systems of the carrier itself.

In reality layered defense is not linear, it is three dimensional, it is below the ocean, on the ocean and above the ocean. It is complex and manned by some of the best trained individuals in the work.

So what does this have to do with wound care? If you invest the time and money to daily cleansing of the wound to remove the germs that can prevent healing, wouldn’t a single layer adhesive bandage be a poor defense? But that adhesive bandage provides comfort to the patient with an open wound. And will it absorb the drainage from an open wound?

This is the actual photo of the coverage applied to cover an ulcer on the leg [photograph shown]. The proper application of a dressing is as important as cleansing the wound. Dressings are the layered defense of the wound that provides protection and comfort for the patient. Applying a dressing is typically applied on a daily basis until the wound is healed.

Dr. William Reynolds,

Reynolds Plastic Surgery