Breast Augmentation Recovery Expectations

Any surgical procedure that you may undergo will have a recovery process afterwards. This applies to the Breast Augmentation procedure. Though this is a relatively simple procedure with little downtime, it’s completely normal to have questions. You deserve as much information as possible, therefore we would like to address some commonly asked questions. Anything that is not addressed below, feel free to ask Dr. Reynolds or the office staff. First, let’s quickly review what occurred during your breast augmentation procedure.

A breast augmentation is an enhancement of the breast with an implant. It is America’s most
common cosmetic surgical procedure. During a consultation, you will discuss with Dr. Reynolds the two types of implants: silicone gel-filled or saline-filled. Both types of implants achieve a natural look with upper pole fullness and increased volume. Implants are placed either above or below the muscle, based on your skin quality and personal preference. There are pros and cons to consider for each of these options which may affect the amount of discomfort you experience
and the length of your recovery.

How long will the swelling last?

Your breast augmentation procedure will naturally cause swelling. This diminishes within 1-2 weeks, but this varies on what type of implant you choose and whether you choose to place the implant above or below the muscle.

When will sensitivity return?

Along with swelling and possibly light bruising, you may lose sensitivity around your breasts and nipples. Sensation will return progressively through your healing process, with most women having complete sensation by their 2-month follow-up appointment.

When will my breasts drop?

All breast implants ride high when first implanted because the pockets created during surgery hold them up. As the tissues accommodate the new implants, the breasts will gradually drop to a natural position within 1 to 2 weeks. The placement of the implants above or below the muscle will affect the rate at which the implants drop.

You will be able to see a dramatic improvement of your breast profile by your 2-week follow-up appointment and the swelling should be mostly gone by then.