Oxygen Delivery

Oxygen Delivery Part 4

In part 4 of this lesson, we will apply the laws governing oxygen delivery to find some practical applications to patient care. We will learn how the behavior of oxygen varies with pressure and how that can be exploited in fields such as hyperbaric medicine.

Oxygen Delivery Part 3

In part 3 of this lesson, you will learn on a cellular level what happens in the alveoli, where the air of atmosphere is transmuted into the bloodstream and back. You will also learn the basic equations governing the oxygen content of the body.

Oxygen Delivery Part 2

In this lesson, you will learn the basic mechanisms in the body for delivering oxygen to cells in all parts of the body. You will also learn the basic behavior of gases and how they relate to the body’s metabolism.

Oxygen Delivery Part 1

Oxygen is essential to the wound healing process. Without it, healing cannot proceed. Chemical reactions that take place in our individual cells will stop if a wound cannot receive oxygen.

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