Wound Healing

The Proliferative Phase

In this video, we will explore angiogenesis, i.e., how new blood vessels are formed. We will also discuss how collagen influences the healing of a wound , and how an abundance of collagen in a wound can cause keloids to form.

Inflammatory Stage of Healing

In this lesson, we discuss how the inflammatory stage helps to clean and clear the wound in preparation for the epithelial cells to close the wound and repair the damage. We will learn the different types of cells that appear in the wound, and their functions.

Hemostasis Part 2

In this lesson, we discuss the Clotting Cascade and the chain of events that cause different factors in the blood to help form a clot. This chemical cascade is key to healing a wound to a blood vessel.

Hemostasis Part 1

In this lesson, we examine the structure of the three types of blood vessels, and how they respond and repair themselves if their structure is breached by a wound.


In this video, we will discuss how skin heals itself in respond to shallow and deep wounds. We will go over the layers of the skin and the role each plays in the healing of a wound.

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